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Conscious marketing on the horizon.

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Earlier this year I was feeling overwhelmed and unsettled. My career, which I have loved for many years, wasn't feeling as rewarding and the negative energy in the environment was palpable. Everywhere I turned people were arguing over politics and "unfriending" each other (on social media and in life) because their beliefs didn't align. It was discouraging and I felt drawn to help in some way, but was struggling to make the connection between my skill set and the solutions.

One day during a deep meditation I received the answer. I needed to redirect my creative energy into cultivating more conscious forms of marketing. Although my company is small, if I were to encourage a conscious marketing effort with all my clients, and they spread this on to their clients/customers, and so on, this combined energy feels pretty significant – an exponential win. I once again found myself energized and ready to dig in. I immediately began rebranding and redefining Graphic Edge.

I've been brainstorming with clients about this direction, and the response has been positive beyond anything I could have imagined. If you're ready to take your business in a more conscious direction, contact me. I'm in.

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